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Stockbridge International specialises in the market development, sales and logistical supply of chemical intermediates and additives.

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About Stockbridge International


Stockbridge International specialises in the market development, sales and logistical supply of chemical intermediates and additives for the following industry types;


Pharmaceuticals PHARMACEUTICALS - Tabletting/compressing lubricants and active upstream intermediates
Organic Chemical Intermediates ORGANIC CHEMICAL INTERMEDIATES - Reactants, initiators, pre-cursors etc for an extensive range of organic synthesis
Cosmetics COSMETICS - Additives for face powders,lipsticks,blushers,eye liners,mascara,creams and lotions
Foods and Confectionery FOODS & CONFECTIONERY- Pressed sugar confectionery lubricants and binding agents, acidity regulators,mineral additives
Polymer Additives POLYMER ADDITIVES - Thermal and UV stabilisers,processing lubricants and release agents,plasticisers,anti-oxidants
Biosciences (Stockbridge Bioscience) BIOSCIENCES (STOCKBRIDGE BIOSCIENCE) - DNA profiling, paternity testing, clinical genetics, ancestry by DNA profiling


Our mission: to offer simply the best in product quality, customer care and service no matter what the end type industry in which we are involved. We firmly believe that knowledge is power and we constantly strive to increase our understanding and awareness of the activities in which we are involved, through ongoing programmes of research and development.

Stockbridge International's UK HQ is located in Telford, United Kingdom and mainstream product manufacturing is carried out at dedicated European manufacturing sites.


Warehousing and logistics are based strategically near to most of the UK motorway networks, enabling efficient and timely delivery of goods to almost anywhere in the UK, European and overseas markets.


Quality management is a major priority, and the company is registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Environmental and ecology issues are addressed with a responsible and caring attitude and an active programme of Environmental Management is persued.

Stockbridge International markets and exports its products to almost every nation in the world either directly to end users or through a network of distributors.

Please contact our Customer Services department for full product literature, specifications, MSDS and other information.

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Products and Services


Polymer Additives


Pharmaceuticals Metallic Stearates
virtually any metal cation can be utilised and all types are derived from vegetable stearic acids and manufactured to NF/FCC/USP/BP/EP requirements and offered as Kosher grades if required. Applications include tabletting, binding agents, pressed sugar confectionery, gelling vehicle for creams, ointments and intramammary injectibles, mineral supplements, lipsticks, face powders, blusher, eye liners etc.


Stockbridge International is one of only a very few suppliers of transition metal stearates (including ferric(III), copper(II), nickel(II), cobalt(II), in the UK and Europe. We can supply from gram quantities for R&D to multi kilogramme lots. We also specialise in the supply of very unusual rare metal and rare organic stearates for biochemical, biotechnical and pharmacological evaluation.


Pharmaceuticals Organic Stearates range based on various short and long chain vegetable derived fatty acids. Applications include emollients, thickeners, lubricants, cosmetics etc.


Pharmaceuticals Fatty Acids range of vegetable derived short and long chain acids of high quality and Kosher approved. Pressed sugar confectionery, cosmetics, tabletting.


Pharmaceuticals Fatty Acid Esters -wide range of vegetable derived esters including IPM, IPP, GMS, GMSSE, oleates, palmitates, caprilic/caproates.


Pharmaceuticals Fatty Amides based on vegetable derived fatty acid feedstocks.


Pharmaceuticals PVC Stabilisers/Plasticisers Calcium/Zinc complex, potassium/zinc kicker non-toxic thermal stabilisers for use in plasticised, rigid and blown formulations, offered in solid and liquid forms also epoxydised soyabean oil and 2-ethylhexyl adipate


Pharmaceuticals Antiseptics/Disinfectants Chlorinated Xylenols for use in surface cleaning and general asepsis For more details and other products and services please select Links on the above menu bar Please contact our Customer Services department for full product literature, specifications, MSDS other details

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